Drone photography

Why a drone photographer?

Drone fotografie

  • PERSPECTIVE Drone photography – with a bird's eye view you make more of an impression than from the ground.
  • LOCATIONS – with a drone you can fully visualize employees, organization or work environment. These are, for example, images from above a house, in a commercial building or of a nature reserve. The accessibility of the company or the playground near your home can also be demonstrated from above. 
  • QUALITY – the drone's camera makes ultra-sharp photos. I can choose from different lenses and filters and I also have the option to film in 5K. The Hasselblad camera has a 3/4 inch sensor and a large angle of view. This allows you to film in 5K resolution. The other camera has a telephoto function. This is Explore Mode. For example, you look from a distance to see if you see beautiful areas around you that you want to capture.
  • TECHNIC – through my experience I have mastered all kinds of flying techniques. The photos and videos are taken from different camera angles and this offers opportunities for exciting videos. 
  • SAFETY – a drone is an unmanned aircraft that is controlled from the ground by a drone pilot. I have experience and am aware of the most recent legislation and regulations. 
  • LICENCE – a certificate is required when a drone operator is paid for its flight services with the drone. I have a license and therefore permission to fly over crowds, roads and buildings.
  • COST REDUCTION – the use of a drone for images from the air is cheaper than a helicopter. In addition, the drone is also more manoeuvrable, see technique.

I currently own the following drones: DJI Mavic Mini 3 pro, DJI Mavic Air 2s and the DJI Mavic 3. 

I use my drones during weddings and events, but are also used for business (real estate agent, architect, construction company, marketing, etc.). 

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