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Looking for a “drone” photographer to take pictures? Or do you need to document interesting meetings, events or surf photos and videos? Or do you just want to decorate your house with beautiful pictures or drone photos?

For special images from a unique perspective!


Video movie
Movie has become a prominent medium for showing (experienced) your message quickly and purposefully to the general public.


Drone photography
Drone images play a major role in marketing campaigns. Due to the surprising angle of view, they attract more attention. Do you also want to distinguish yourself?
EASA: A1-A2-A3 Drone Pilot


You just came to the right place…

M.G. Photography
Drone & Surf Fotografie

M.G. Photography

We place very high demands on our drone productions and are uniquely able to translate the artistic vision of our customers into impressive visual material, whether it concerns a commercial, documentary, film or, for example, the reporting of an event.

Everything is possible, tell us your ideas and we will think creatively with you!

M.G. Photography


Flying drones is a special skill. Safety is of the utmost importance here. Other parties in the air — but on the ground — should not be endangered or hindered by it. Flying with a drone is therefore subject to strict regulations. As of December 31, 2020, the European and Dutch rules have been adjusted. Marco meets the latest requirements:

  • Marco uses a approved drone  (EASA Open Category up to 25kg).
  • The drone is registered by the RDW.
  • Marco has a A1/A3 license. This allows him to fly all over Europe up to a height of 120 meters (and over buildings, even if they are higher).
  • Marco has a A2 license. Hiermee mag hij in heel Europa met de drone betrokken mensen naderen tot 50 meter afstand.
  • The drone is insured.
  • Marco is registered as a drone operator.

There are areas in the Netherlands where you are not allowed to fly a drone, or only if there is permission. For example, flying drones near airports is strictly prohibited. Wondering if it is allowed to fly with a drone? We are happy to find out for you!

Drone photography

Drone photos fall are spectacular and aerial photography with a drone is a real eye-catcher. A drone photo gives a spectacular view from above. M. G. Photography takes breathtaking aerial photos of your company, real estate, camping, hotels, holiday parks or your home.
Normale foto’s geven vaak een te beperkt beeld van het onderwerp. Met drone luchtfotografie krijgt de klant een perfect overzicht van het object.

Drone & (Surf) Photography
EASA: A1-A2-A3 Drone Pilot

Scheveningen strand

Drone photo harbor Scheveningen

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